Where We Want to Go From Here

by occupyliverpooluniversity

We have learnt a lot from our occupation of the university so far. We’ve developed a better sense of the wider community of Liverpool, and a lot of new ideas have emerged about our future aims because of ideas we’ve been exposed to by those outside of the student community.

One of the best things we’ve done during this occupation is to develop our ideas about what freedom of education means. We believe free and fair education is education that is accessible to all, at no cost, under no conditions, and one where everyone contributes to the learning process, in a way that is not practiced in traditional academic environments. To exchange skills instead of only receiving information from those in positions of power actively challenges privilege. By encouraging participation we hope to empower people to involve themselves actively in the production of knowledge. It has the potential to generate consciousness of the social usefulness of free education not only among the university community but for everyone who wishes to expand their mind.

We wish to open up a space regularly, to put this aim into practice. We are provisionally aiming to do this first on Wednesday the 11th of December, in the afternoon, with the space yet to be decided upon. We hope to host some of the talks we did not get a chance to put on today, and would like anyone with ideas for skill exchanges, lectures or procedures to get involved. This educational space, University of Occupy Liverpool University, will be one which is inclusive and combats oppression in its practices and how discussions are held. Our experiences with management today reiterate the necessity for a free educational space separate from the market.

In addition to this, we hope to organise a broad left student organisation in Liverpool, uniting all members of all faculties in the Merseyside area who are comitted to combating inequality, oppression and the marketisation of education, in order for us to exchange resources, and so that we can organise and help each other. We have spoken to students and faculty members from all universities and hope to implement this when our occupation ends.

We do not wish to set up these organisations and impose how they are run, rather we are sharing our ideas and providing a blueprint for how these organisations might get off the ground. We are hoping that the wider community of Liverpool will get involved. If you are part of the Merseyside community and wish to contribute, please email us at liverpooluniversityoccupy@gmail.com so we can create a mailing list which we will then share.

In solidarity,

Occupy Liverpool University