We’re not negotiating either…

by occupyliverpooluniversity

As we were told, this is not a negotitation. If the management won’t negotiate with us, then we won’t do it either. The management invited itself in our room and without announcing themselves in advance, they prevented us from discussing how we wanted to conduct the negotiations and then prevented us from choosing a room for negotiating.

During the discussion with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Patrick Hackett, security officers and a police officer were set at our doors, preventing access to the main room of the occupation, even for those already involved. This has had the effect of excluding members of the occupation from discussing our demands with the management. When they left, they told us we had 30 minutes to make a decision whether we were leaving the premises or not, after which we would be locked in without access to water.

This behaviour from management is in bad faith. They are preventing us from discussing the issue of whether we want to leave the premises or not, and rather to discuss how and when we can go to the toilet. They also are preventing us from reaching members of the occupation which left the premises this morning, to go to their lectures and study, in order for them to be involved decision making.

In light of those distasteful “negotiating practices”, we will stay in the Irish department. The university is contributing to the disruption of its own operation by preventing access to staff and students. They claim they cannot guarantee their safety, but evidence shows that we were more than welcoming and courteous. Our occupation is legitimate. It will continue. Our space is still being used for educational purposes.

We refuse to submit to the threats and bullying by the senior management of this university.

We denounce the patronizing attitude of the management.

We denounce management’s unwillingness to engage in good faith negotiations.

Therefore we will carry on our peaceful process.

We demand that we are allowed access to water and the kitchen

We demand that everyone previously involved in the occupation is allowed access to the occupation

We demand that the University allows staff and student to freely access the Irish Department building

EDIT: The deputy VC today claimed that he couldn’t let staff and students into the Irish Studies building because he could not guarantee their safety whilst we were in the building. “I don’t know who you are”, he said.
Last night, management deployed security staff and fire officers originally working on campus libraries and other buildings onto our occupied “priority” building, without the guarantee of safety for other students in other buildings.