Safer Spaces Policy

by occupyliverpooluniversity

The Policy in Brief

This policy applies to the occupation and related online spaces.

If you feel unsafe in the occupation due to somebody else’s behaviour, you should either go to one of the safer spaces volunteers or talk to anybody who you trust.  You can go to the designated safe area if you need to get out of the main occupation

You may initiate a process yourself, or with somebody you trust, or with the help of a safer spaces volunteer to deal with the behaviour.

We will do our best to keep confidentiality if requested, though it is hard to guarantee anonymity in such a small space.

If you have been subjected to violence, sexual assault or sexual harassment, the perpetrator will be removed from the occupation while the process is ongoing. The process will be survivor-led, you will be able to choose a mediator and you will not be expected to see or speak with your attacker if you do not wish to do so.

For complaints that do not involve violence, we encourage both/all parties to engage with the Conflict Resolution process, and will provide mediation if required.

Please ask to see our Conflict Resolution and Survivor-led Processes for more details.

We define the following as abusive behaviours which are not tolerated in this space: (details of each of the following were discussed within the occupation and are readily available to read here. Please ask if you would like to see them)

Physical abuse

1. Violence and threat of violence (unless in self defence)

2. Use of force and threat of force (unless minimal to protect users of the space and the space itself)

3. Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment

Non-physical abuse

4. Verbal abuse (insults or aggression towards an individual)

5. Oppressive language (insults or generalisations about a marginalised/oppressed group of people)

6. Emotional and psychological abuse (bullying, isolating and ‘gaslighting’)

7. Harassment (behaviour made abusive by being repeated, persistent & unwelcome)

8. Written abuse (any of the above in written form)

Everybody is responsible for remaining in a state in which they do not violate this policy.