Opening up the space: Our plans for tomorrow

by occupyliverpooluniversity

Here at the occupation we’ve had a productive day of workshops, lectures and discussion.

We will be continuing our program of free education tomorrow, opening it up to the wider community as a liberated space with freedom of access. Anyone who is curious about what we are doing here we very much encourage to come down tomorrow.

Our plan for tomorrow is that we will continue to occupy the lecture and seminar building on the ground floor of No. 1 Abercromby Sq. However, as the strikes are over, we wish to allow all seminars and lectures elsewhere in the building, and all office and postgraduate spaces open to anyone who needs or wishes to use them. In this way we hope that University management will allow freedom of entry to the building, which has not been allowed up to this point. As a peaceful protest, we feel we do not need security refusing entry to those who wish to inquire about this movement and the space.

In order to give sufficient warning, we have contacted the Guild of Students and told them of our intention to continue occupying the space, so that lectures and seminars can be rearranged in other buildings around the campus, of which there are plenty. As we know from lectures and seminars that have been moved the past couple of days, it can be done on very short notice. Any failure to do so is not a failure on our part but a failure on part of the university.

Signing out with solitary.