Management and us: our latest interaction

by occupyliverpooluniversity

Recently, the management came to one of our windows to tell us about how, according to them, our legal status has been influenced by alleged conduct on our part. The first time they came to us, last night, was to threaten us with disciplinary procedures. Now, this is the second of our encounters with university management. Having been courteous to all the staff that we encountered either at the window or at the door of our building (including agency security working through the strike…), we object to this characterization of the events by mannagement. We have invited students and staff to join us, an offer which has been accepted by several people. The occupation has received broad support of the unions, of several lecturers, of students and of the Guild of Students. This in itself should be enough to show the management that our occupation is legitimate and does not require threats of sanctions.

Our occupation is still peaceful. We are being very respectful of the premises. We are conducting an ongoing teach-in.  Accordingly, we do not believe that the situation warrants a change in how it has been dealt with until now.

On the contrary, we would ask that the University addresses our demands instead of threatening us, once again.

In solidarity and prepared to stay